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10 Things to Avoid During ICAN Preparation

10 Things to Avoid During ICAN Preparation (No. 3 is Funny)

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10 Things to Avoid During ICAN Preparation

10 Things to Avoid During ICAN Preparation

Are you preparing for the ICAN exam? Do you know there are some things you must avoid to be successful in ICAN? How sensitive are you to ICAN demands?

This post will educate you on things to avoid to be victorious in any of the ICAN diets you are preparing for, be it the MAY or NOVEMBER diet.

Just like every other exam, there are certain things you should avoid when you are preparing for the forthcoming ICAN exams.

For clarity, ICAN stands for the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, it is a professional exam that tests students on their integrity in the Accounting profession

ICAN was established by the act of Parliament No. 15 of 1965, to direct the activities of the Accountancy Profession in Nigeria, and to set norms to be accomplished by people who intend to be members of the accounting profession.

With a vision of being a leading global professional body, the exams are aimed at allowing intending aspirants the chance to become fully accredited and recognized professionals in the field of Accountancy. Read more

Why You should write ICAN Exam

There are many reasons to write the ICAN exam, in some cases, you will need an ICAN certificate to do many things

Global Recognition

This professional exam gives you global recognition and an edge over others, ICAN certificate holders are not only useful in Nigeria, and they are very much needed all over the globe

Vast Range of Exciting Opportunities

With ICAN certification, a fellow stand a chance of getting better and a wide range of exciting opportunities, these opportunities cute across all industries and organization worldwide

Complement Accounting Course

With ICAN certification, your accounting course will be well fulfilled, it gives you an advantage and decent recognition

It Gives You Good Foundation in Economics

ICAN make accountant have good knowledge in the field of economics, this is because, and some of your courses and packs are related to the present economic happenings in the country and world at large

Stages And Courses of ICAN
Foundation Level/Courses

Business Law, Financial Accounting, Taxation, Management Information, Business, and Finance

Skills Level/ Courses

Performance Management, Financial Reporting, Audit and Assurance, Public Sector Accounting and Finance, Corporate Management and Ethics

Professional Level/ Courses

Cases Study, Advanced Taxation, Corporate Reporting, Strategic Financial Management, Advanced Audit, and Assurance

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Basic Requirements

Degree certificate from a university or Higher National Diploma (HND) from a polytechnic

O’level result with at least five credits

A passport-sized photograph

Don’t study outdated study packs

The ICAN exams just as any other exam have their own prescribed reading materials. These materials serve as points of reference and provide key areas of focus for the exam.

When preparing for the ICAN, it would be wise for you to use up-to-date study packs. For instance, you should use study materials and exam past questions and answers that are not more than 3 to 4 years old.

Personally, we recommend using up-to-date texts for studies, as you will get acquainted with the current trends and standards set by the institution.

Using old study packs is not advisable as each year new changes occur and improvements are made.

It is better to have an idea of what the examination will look like beforehand and that can only happen if you use current and up-to-date study packs.

Don’t Attend Unlicensed Tutorial Centers

When you are preparing for ICAN exams you need to find very good, standard, and licensed tutorial centers.

A good and licensed tutorial center will put you through everything you ought to know.

ICAN has made it easier for you by providing a list of approved and licensed tutorial centers across the country.

You can download the Pdf on their website so that you get full value for your money.

Don’t study 15 Hours to ICAN exams

Yes, I will say it again, don’t study 15 hours for ICAN exams! Why would I say such a thing you might wonder? Many people are under the misconception that last-minute studying will help you for an exam.

Well, science has proven that reading just hours before any exam may cause disruption in the already stored memory.

Exam stress and anxiety will cause you to force yourself to try to learn everything just hours before the examination which is impossible and will only cause damage.

Reading just hours before the exams can also cause frustration and make you lack confidence in your own abilities.

The right thing to do will be to have a good rest, sleep and get your mind fully ordered before time. If you like you can also clarify some issues you have by referring to your study materials but do not strain yourself to study too much so that you don’t affect your psyche.

Don’t fail to follow all the ICAN Exam Instructions

Always remember to follow instructions in an examination. In fact, the first thing to do when the exams start is to read and comprehend all exam instructions.

Instructions guide and direct your every move when you write an exam. For instance, if you are asked to use forty minutes on a particular segment and you decide to spend more than that, then you have yourself to blame if you run out of time.

Exam instructions are vital so ensure you read, understand and follow instructions carefully before you start answering the examination questions.

Avoid Wasting Time on One Question

During the exam make sure you time yourself. Count the number of the given questions then use it to divide the allocated time given.

This will give you an idea of the average time you should spend on a question. Never spend time thinking of answers.

Any answer you are unsure of, skip that question and move to the next. Time minimization should be at the back of your mind.

If you manage your time well, you will have the advantage of covering more questions which will make you gain more points.

Avoid Looking at Your Neighbor’s Work

Let me tell you one principle I will always stand by. Don’t cheat! It is said that a word is enough for the wise.

Even if it is by mistake, do not look at your neighbor’s work. When you look at other people’s work it causes confusion and makes you lack trust in your own abilities.

One thing you might not know is that the person you want to copy from might be wrong. You may cancel your correct answer and foolishly copy the wrong one because of a lack of confidence.

When you avoid looking around it will also save you the embarrassment of getting caught of examination malpractice which is a very serious crime.

So to save yourself from delirious accusations and flaws, face your front and write your exams trusting that you will excel.

Don’t Eat Gaseous Food Prior To The Exams.

Eating before an exam is very important but you must take care of what kind of food you should eat.

You should avoid anything that can cause intestinal or stomach gas. Do not eat foods like beans, milk or any other affiliate of beans like moi moi (beans pudding).

Eat very light food that will make you very comfortable. Avoid anything that will make you lose focus on what you are doing.

Remember no one will wait for you in case you need to use the toilet. So in order to save yourself the discomfort, eat light food at least one hour before the exams so that your body and mind will be sharp and refreshed.

Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

“Proper preparation prevents poor performance,” this statement is true in every part of life. There is one thing you cannot do which is to over-prepare.

From the moment you start thinking of sitting for the ICAN exams, you need to study, go through past questions and get yourself acquainted with everything it takes to pass the examination.

If you do not prepare you are surely on your own. The exam will look like an impossible task to you.

However, with sufficient preparation, you will score very high in the exams.

Avoid Textbooks Not Recommended

ICAN has a list of textbooks that they recommend for their exams. Get that list and make sure you use only the recommended textbooks.

Do not decide on the textbooks you wish to read. You are not the one giving yourself the exams so obey instructions so that you don’t regret it.

When you use the right materials, you have many advantages as some questions may be set from here.

Make sure you use the right books so that you can have peace of mind.

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The Institute of Chartered Accountants exam is not as impossible to conquer as many fear. It all depends on hard work, discipline and commitment.

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