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8 Affordable Secondary Schools in Gwer East LGA

If you are thinking of putting your kids in cheaper and affordable secondary schools in Gwer East LGA, we have a list for you

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8 Affordable Secondary Schools in Gwer East LGA

8 Affordable Secondary Schools in Gwer East LGA

It has many private and public affordable secondary schools with adequate educational infrastructures and facilities to carry out smooth academic and extra-curricular activities.

These secondary schools offer quality and affordable education at low tuition fees, not only for Gwer East indigenes but also non-indigenes from other neighboring communities and beyond, some of these schools offer scholarships to children.

The relevance of secondary schools in Gwer East is not for personal gain but to help the less privileged acquire education and also have the opportunity to share the knowledge with generations yet unborn.

Due to the demand for education in Gwer East LGA, other affordable secondary schools were founded to be able to withstand the population of students, so as to maintain a standard level of education for the entire community.

Aside from Academics these secondary schools engage in other extracurricular activities like sports, Hosting competitions like the all catholic schools, giving students the opportunity to display their talents through sporting activities in various games.

As a result, these numerous activities help to enhance better interaction with other students, bringing about the exchange of ideas and building a sense of belonging among youths.

Admission requirements for these secondary schools include

Primary school Certificate

Testimony (optional)

Compulsory Common Entrance Examination

And either oral or written Interview

This article will provide you with some of these affordable secondary schools in Gwer east providing a better and good education for their children. They include:

Mount Saint Michael’s Secondary School Aliade

Mount Saint Michael’s Secondary School is located along Otukpo road, Close Austoma, Aliade, Gwer East LGA of Benue State. It is a single-sex male school founded in the year 1953 and headed by its first principal Revd fr Henry Pass.

It is one of the oldest and most affordable boarding secondary schools in Gwer East, which adequate infrastructures and state-of-the-art- facilities for providing better and quality education.

The school has expanded more on Entrepreneurial training to prepare its students to be self-employed with profitable and marketable skills that are of value to society.

The Union of Aliade Old Boys Association popularly known as AOBA has contributed very much to the development and progress of their alma mater, so as to continue its duty of grooming and nurturing the future of young boys.

Its annual tuition fee is over $360.

Government Girls Model Secondary, School.

Government Girls Secondary school located behind Saint Vincent Hospital, Aliade, and Gwer East LGA of Benue State, is one of the most affordable boarding schools in the whole of Gwer East.

It’s a female boarding school with a population of over 1000 students from part of the country, which has come to benefit from the good educational standard of the school.

The school has competent cooks in charge with the responsibility of providing, Nutritionally balanced diet for all students. Standard hostels accommodation has been made available alongside healthcare facilities to handle health emergencies cases.

Its tuition fee is estimated to be about $320

St John Bosco College

St John Bosco College is located along Makurdi road, Aliade, Gwer East LGA. It’s one of the most affordable secondary schools in Gwer east. It is a catholic day school for both boys and girls with a population of over 800 students.

It is owned and managed by the catholic diocese of  Makurdi, as it also has certified and well-trained teachers capable of transferring knowledge to the younger generation.

Even as a day school it has been equipped with good infrastructural facilities and educational materials by the diocese to enhance smooth a learning atmosphere for students.

Its annual tuition fee is approximately $125.

Government Day Secondary

Government day secondary is located along Makurdi Aliade road, Aliade, Gwer East LGA of Benue State.

It is a  day secondary owned by the government of Benue State, with employed Teaching Service Board (TSB) staff, qualified to handle the academic and overall educational procedures needed to run the school.

The provision of uniforms and writing materials has also been made available for students, computers have been supplied by the government as they intend to establish a jamb CBT Centre not for their students but also for other schools as well.

Their annual tuition fee is estimated to be over $95.

Foster Model secondary school

This is a privately owned secondary school located Close to Saint Vincent Quasi, parish, Aliade, Gwer East. The school started as a junior secondary with 4 classrooms but today has been accredited and progressed to senior secondary school.

Aside from academic activity, the school has invested much in reviving the culture and traditional ways of our people, by organizing cultural festivals, and cultural dance competitions among schools in Gwer East Local Government.

An estimated tuition fee of $85 per year.

Seat of Wisdom

Seat of Wisdom is one among the affordable secondary schools in Gwer East; It is located along Makurdi Aliade road, Aliade. It is a privately-owned secondary school that has been ranked one of the best in Gwer local government.

With world-class infrastructures for conducive learning activities, it also has one of the most affordable secondary schools providing quality education compared to schools in other local governments.

Testimonies from parents and guidance testifying to the good work the school has done by impacting positively into their not only education but character-wise.

The school tuition fee is about $80 per year.

Pamsset Secondary School

The school is located in the heart of Gwer East local government.  It is also one of the affordable secondary schools in Gwer with outstanding educational facilities for better learning.

Pamsset secondary school came as a result of the increasing population of students in Gwer. Top-notch laboratories for experiments, Computer laboratories, and Agricultural equipment have been provided by the school to enhance efficient learning and practical illustrations by teachers.

The annual Tuition fee is about $75.

Anglican Secondary school

This is a church secondary school owned by the Anglican community in Gwer. it came as a result of enlightenment and preaching of the word of God. The aim was to establish a school and through that medium spread the gospel across Gwer.

The school has recorded excellent results in both WAEC and NECO examinations over the years. Their students have represented Benue state in Quiz and Debate competitions at State and Federal winning different Awards of Academic excellence.

The estimated annual tuition fee is approximately $95.

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