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Five Most Used Educational Apps for Students

Find The Top Most Used Educational Apps For Students

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Five Most Used Educational Apps for Students


Five Most Used Educational Apps for Students

Educational Apps are becoming the bane of learning lately, it is used to facilitate learning across the globe. Students can stay in the comfort of their homes and learn their educational apps.

Educational Apps are not only meant for students, tutors make use of these apps to deliver lectures to their students anywhere in the world. You can study or receive lessons and clarifications via the Educational app

Educational Apps are common in Europe, and America, and are less used in Asia and Africa. Educational Apps cut costs, and ensure the safety of students, you don’t need to travel or come to class to receive lessons

The internet plays a huge role in the use of Education Apps, as one only connects his/her device or gadget to enjoy these services. The internet is available in all parts of the world, though may not be cheap

In times to come, more and more institutions will enforce the use of Educational Apps for learning, and the classrooms system of learning will be limited to some specific courses and programs. This will further reduce costs and help students learn in their own space and time
Educational Apps should be welcomed and encouraged, this is because some of the courses and programs are done in the classrooms can be delivered online via Educational Apps, this will further decongest our high institutions of learning, reduction of costs, and ensure the safety of students

While we are not ruling out the fact that the classroom system is very effective, some courses and programs need no practical or physical learning to be learned.

With the introduction of the extended reality, 5G network, machine learning, data analytics, Artificial intelligence, learning via Educational Apps will be the smartest and fastest way to impart to students

The Importance and Benefit of Educational Apps to Students

One cannot overemphasize the importance of Educational Apps, they are the products of the 21st-century method of study for students

Smart Method of Learning

Educational Apps are smart ways of learning, the world is becoming a global village in all ramifications, and smart ways of learning give students an opportunity to learn without physical contact with their tutors


Educational Apps promote flexibility, students can comfortably stay in their homes and learn. These apps can record lessons, which can be replayed anytime and day. It is far more encouraging compared with the “Classroom systems”

Students Safety

Educational Apps help students reduce mobility and travel, and put them in a position to learn from a distance.

Disadvantages of Educational Apps to Students

While these apps have great benefits, they also have their wrong sides

Internet Connection

Most of these Educational Apps make use of the internet, and the internet may not be free or accessible in some parts of the world. Third world nations may not find this system, this is because it internet connection is key to learning via Education Apps


Staying in the comfort of your home while using Education Apps may pose some distractions, students may not pay total attention to learning, one may be tempted to use he/her devices and gadget for other things apart from academic activities

Five Most Used Educational Apps for Students

Google Classroom

Google Classroom uses G-suite for effective communication, it is suitable for mass distribution and assignment of grades. Tutors can increase their engagements with students via the use of Google Classroom

The Google Apps for Education is primarily for students and teachers to enhance communication, and increase flexibility in learning



This Educational App has turned the world into a global village, students can stay anywhere on earth, connect to zoom, and receive lessons or lectures, all you have to do is to be connected using codes and the internet

Teachers can also use this app to hold meetings with students at lent, discuss issues, and practically demonstrate were necessary to solve questions


The Slack app is can be used to send photographs, and messages from teachers to students. This app is very effective, it helps lectures to “host text-based in office hours,” and also send important reminders to their students.

Multinational organizations and platforms, Businessmen and women have been using this app to connect clients and staff, but it has gained more popularity in the Educational


When you are on Trello as a student, you can upload photos, create checklists, assign tasks with different gadgets and devise at the same time, this is possible because it organizes students by providing them with valuable tools to help them stay focused.

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With the Additio app, students can reserve or keep class notes, attendance, grades, and plan time table. This app has made it easy for students to properly account for their attendance, keep decent records of their grades with proper calculations

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