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Five Wrong Notions About Ember Months

Five Wrong Notions About Ember Months

by oteneinfo
Five Wrong Notion About Ember Months

Five Wrong Notions About Ember Months

Ember month refers to the last four months of the year that are considered to be very busy (September, October, November, and December). It has been widely used that early this year in January, the Oxford University Press included the expression (Ember month) in the Oxford English dictionary’s latest Edition.

Ember month showers a year-ending mood as it brings celebrations and festivities such as Christmas and New Year. Varying wrong notions about ember month are believed to come with increased criminal cases, kidnapping, fraud, outbreaks of fire destroying properties, accidental cases, and many more.

It is to this effect that the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) often holds informative programs, to create awareness among pedestrians and vehicle owners about road usage. Emphasis is therefore placed on the use of traffic signs and symbols.

Most people believed that Ember month is responsible for skyrocketing the prices of commodities in the market, and the sudden increase in the cost of transportation due to the festivities during the period.

During the ember month period, it appears to put many religiously minded people on the edge. Religious activities become very serious as healing, deliverance, and other evangelical activities begin to take place.

The superstitious belief of evil forces converges towards the end of the year to cause havoc on the world. Tension begins to build out of fear of the unknown, believed to have plotted evil against one’s prosperity.

Over time, even evangelical ministries center their theme on the evil attacks that are about to cause misfortune to people, numerous crusades are organized having overflow congregations, deliverance, and healing sections with thousands of people.

However, most happenings within this period are interwoven giving room for other phenomena to come in,  as transportation of people increases, the scarcity of fuel sets in, prices of the transportation of goods become high, and the market price for commodities also increases.

This article is prepared to provide with Wrong notions about ember month that people believed to come only during that period.

Occultic activities

On a wider note people especially Nigerians believed that the impact of ritual and occultic practices within this period is very much. This is one wrong notion about ember month most people have that begins to cause tension and unnecessary fear.

Other people embark on seeking supernatural powers to protect themselves against mishaps or misfortune that they may come across during the ember month.

Testimonies from people testify to the increase of ritual activities and sacrifices to appeal to spiritual alters and deities. Different disheartening Stories of virgins slaughtered for sacrifice, school children kidnapped, and a lot more.

Fuel Scarcity

People attribute fuel scarcity to ember month but it is due to the increased travel rate within the period. It is a result of People returning home, to be with their families and loved ones during the period of festivities and celebrations.

The increasing number of travelers places fuel in high demand as transportations companies try to satisfy their customers. Black market turns to also increase their prices so as to gain during the ember month.

Criminal cases

Due to the current trend of fraudulent activities and scammers all over, people begin to fear most especially within the period of ember month (September – December). Armed robbery attacks, theft cases, kidnapping, and others.

This single act of criminality puts everyone on the watch for any attempt of criminal attack. Law enforcement agencies also fall in line to be on guard for any criminal case, and to carry out necessary investigations as fast as possible to bring perpetrators of this illegal act to book.

However, in trying to go against these criminals most law enforcements like Policemen, Civil defense Officers lose their lives. Most of these criminals have sophisticated weapons to protect themselves against external attacks.

Crime has been there even before the end of the year. We can only work together to reduce the rate by providing useful information about those in these fraudulent acts.


This is one among the wrong notion attributed to ember month, with increased accidental cases within this period are very much not because of ember month but maybe as a result of reckless driving, over speeding by road users, overloading of luggage and passengers.

Some of these road users lack knowledge on how the use the road, and no knowledge of how to interpret road signs and symbols. Even when the road is bad they continue to move at great speed.

Hungry drivers in their usual quest to make fast money turn to put the lives of their passengers at great risk not minding the outcome. Sadly enough accidents are normally the end result of this ugly behavior. It is better to move moderately and arrive safely than to hurry and die along the road.

It is as a result of this that the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) set to create awareness and organize programs to educate vehicle users and pedestrians on how to use the road appropriately to reduce the rate of accidental cases and loss of lives.

Increase of Prizes

This is one wrong notion that cannot be underestimated; prizes in the market skyrocket as the cost of transportation of these commodities become high due to fuel scarcity.

The sudden change in prices affects Consumers. Life becomes difficult for the common citizens who are unemployed to cater to themselves and family members as well.

But since the demands for these products are high the consumer has no choice but to buy. Most of these consumers are peasant farmers with low incomes. And this price increment has a total negative effect on them.

It has become a trend for people deliberately increase the price of goods and services during the ember month. Even if there is no additional transportation cost for those products.

It is better to maintain a standard and stick to it from the beginning of the year, and struggle to meet up at the end of the year which becomes difficult for them. As a result, most people turn to attribute certain beliefs that are against their success.

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