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Top 10 Contributions of Idoma People to Nigeria

Top 10 Contributions of Idoma People to Nigeria and the World

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Top 10 Contributions of Idoma People to Nigeria

Top 10 Contributions of Idoma People to Nigeria  

The Idoma tribe is found mainly in the North Central part of Nigeria, precisely in Benue south and some parts of Kogi and Cross River and Enugu states of Nigeria, the Idoma population is less than 3Milllion people according to the last population census of 2006

This great tribe from Benue state has contributed a lot to the development of Nigeria and Africa as a whole, it is one of the tribes known for craftsmanship, innovation, and invention. The Idoma people are brave and smart in nation-building and growth

In recent times, the Idoma people have been in the hem of affairs in top political and economic chairs in Nigeria and represented Africa to the world.

It is worthy to mention that, the Idoma tribe is one of the minority in Nigeria, with a small population and landmass, they occupy only 7 Local Government Areas in Nigeria out of 774 Local Governments across the country

The contributions of the Idoma people to Nigeria and the world cannot be overemphasized, they have immensely proved beyond a reasonable doubt, that there is hope for minority tribes in Nigeria.

There are so many minority tribes not heard of or not so pronounced in the country, this is due to many reasons, but the Idoma people are the center of attraction when after the three major tribes in Nigeria

Why are the Idoma People Special?

The idoma people are special in many ways, these include:

Beautify Culture

The idoma culture is unique and beautiful, its ways of addressing social issues are perfect, and it gives women pride and value. Its norms and ethics share similar characteristics with the British introduced system

They are many cultural ways of handling criminality, abortion, cheating, and other social vices. This may be different from the English introduced system

Geographical Location

Geographically positioned among the central states in Nigeria, bothered with Enugu, Cross River, Nasarawa, and Kogi states, the idoma people are well tolerated and live peacefully with other tribes, engage in trades, and people to people exchange  

Rugged in Politics

Politically, the Idomas are forced to reckon with, they have dominated the Nigerian political sphere for decades and ages. And have still remained relevant


They shared bothered with the Eastern part of the country, known to be the cradle of African merchandise, the Idoma people are good in Business and have done well in bringing wealth, development, and Education to it doorstep

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This article will tell us the Top 10 Contributions of the Idoma People To Nigeria and the rest of the World  

Contribution to Good Governance

The Idoma people have succeeded in government as a minority tribe, the top political post an idoma man has reached in a democratic Nigeria is the position of the Senate President, Nigeria’s number-three position

The person of David Elechenu Bonaventure Mark is one of few Idomas that have changed the tide of governance in Nigeria. Not only was the operation of the senate organized and managed, but all sessions were presided over, meaningful senate committee was formed, appointing committee chairs and citizens to commission and boards

David Elechenu Bonaventure Mark is one of the most successful senate presidents with quality leadership, the nation was not indebted and the position of the then-president was interfered with. Read More

The seventh and Eight senates presided by David Elechenu Bonaventure Mark are the best, Nigerians can attest to this in many years to come

This is one of the positive leadership qualities of the Idoma people, they give in their best and make every good opportunity to better the lives of others

Contribution to Military and Paramilitary Bodies

The Idoma people have contributed immensely to Nigeria’s military and paramilitary bodies, in more than one occasion, they head strategic and juicy positions in the Nation’s defense sector

The life of General Lawrence Onoja to mention but a few are a good example of a minority tribe heading great and sensitive position of defense where three majority tribes compete

As a sacrifice to the nation against external aggression and internal insurrection, many idomas have died in defense of this great giant of Africa

 Contribution to Economic Growth and Development

Nigeria’s Economic development is not tied to one person or region, but the minds of quality personnel and ideas, Nigeria’s Economic growth and development come amid educated minds

Many Idoma men have contributed to the growth and development of Benue state and Nigeria as a whole, they are in Ministries, Departments, and Agencies in Government circles

They also head many businesses and ventures in the country and continent. Contributing their quota to the nation

Contribution In Education

They have presided over the educational sector of the nation, making decisions that have transformed the nation, the idoma people, as small and little compared to the three major tribes, have seemingly dominance in Education, particularly in the North Central region of Nigeria

Blessed with academic gurus, the first professor in accounting in the north-central part of the country is an Idoma man

Many more academic research and innovations were products of a few Idoma people of Benue State

Contribution to the Health Sector

The Health sector at the Federal and state level has a significant presence of the Idoma people, they are spread across various states and federal hospitals in Nigeria

Some of it medical experts have their own hospitals and medical clinic, contributing to the overall health care and well-being of the nation

Contribution to Science and Technology

The great Idoma people have people with scientific-backed knowledge. Nigeria Ministry of Science and Technology, the center for research and scientific development, the Nigerian metrological agency, and many more scientific projects have significant presence and contribution from an Idoma man

And they have represented Africa in some science-backed projects in Dubai, Silicon Valley, Chinese Tech show, and many technological and scientific shows worldwide

 Contribution to Nigeria Space Development

Nigeria Space Agency, still in its early stage of development has few great idoma men, pioneering the nation’s space dream.

Contribution to Agriculture

Not only have the Idoma people produced a Federal Minister of Agriculture, and State Commissioner for Agriculture, they have supported the nation in food security. Being in the food basket of the nation, the Idoma people are blessed with arable land.

Contribution to Transportation, Commerce, and Industry

Creative minds from this tribe have greatly contributed to trade and transportation across the nation

In Conclusion

The Idoma people have immensely contributed to the growth and development of Nigeria, its contribution as a minority tribe is second to none going by Nigeria’s history, where only the majority dominates the hem of affairs

As the days progress further, an Idoma man looks to preside over the affairs of the nation as the president, adding voice to the minority tribes in the country

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