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Top 9 Ways Education Transformed Gwer East (Benue Nigeria)

Top 9 Ways Education Transformed Gwer East (Benue Nigeria)

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Top 9 Ways Education Transformed Gwer East (Benue Nigeria)

Top 9 Ways Education Transformed Gwer East (Benue Nigeria)

Education is key to the success of any society or nation, that has developed over time.it is an invaluable tool of development that cannot be underestimated.

Education has transformed lives and equally has formed the basis of sound minds in many societies. People who are educated, stand a chance to contribute more to society and their families, with better developmental ideas and life-changing advice to promote the society.

The importance of education cannot be overemphasized, it bridges the gap of illiteracy in ramifications of lives

Education is a weapon used to turn around situations. It is very vital in teaching one how to use logic to make decisions with positive impact and as well give room for interaction with people of different races.

It helps boost creativity, thereby enhancing time management, as well as preparing the society to attain a certain height and might

Welcome to Gwer East Local Government Area of Benue State in Nigeria, A local government that has seen changes through education attained via Education

Gwer East is one of the local government areas of Benue state In Nigeria, it is located in Benue state. Its educational infrastructures and state-of-the- facilities may not be up-to-date but have provided the needed growth and development compared to the Dark Age

Due to the numerous schools established by the missionaries, the entire Gwer east community has continued to witness steady progress and development, as they have produced educated sons and daughters representing them politically, economically, socially, and otherwise.

They have noble personalities such as the likes of Hingah Biem, Arch. Asema Achado, Arch. Ayila Juku, and Justice Aondover Kaka’an (The Chief  Judge of Benue State) are among other prominent sons of Gwer east community whose education has brought them this far.

Education through the establishment of schools has transformed the entire local government, its people, cultures, and basic practices, there are much progress attained so far with this development and progress

This article gives us the major transformations done by education. Here are some ways education has transformed Gwer East community from grassroots to its present level.

Increased Agricultural Yields

Farmers in the community are peasant farmers, as they farm on small scale due to a lack of agricultural ideas and knowledge on the use of agricultural chemicals and machinery.

With the knowledge of agriculture, the production of agricultural products in the community has skyrocketed. The Rate of yield has tripled as farmers now embark on large-scale farming as they have been agriculturally enlightened.

Due to the bomber harvest, the value for these products has increased, which is an advantage to the community as companies in need of these agricultural products increase, leading to massive industrialization

Cash crops such as rice and soya beans are now produced in large quantities and transported to other states. Gwer East has established a good marketing strategy due to its consistent availability of agricultural raw materials.

Decision Making

Education provides one with the necessary mental skills to be able to make the right decisions, worthy of improving and changing lives. Education has transformed Gwer East community as they are able to make positive decisions when the need arises. With education, the community has corrected uncertainties made in the past out of ignorance

Increased literacy

The rate of awareness in the community has increased via the introduction of western education, more than 50% of the locals are now educated and literate. This alone has brought sound minds and proactive leaders

Education has helped to increase the number of literate persons in Gwer East over time. Children, adolescents, and adults still find themselves in the four corners of a classroom, struggling to acquire education. Even employment criteria require certificates to stand a chance of being employed.

More schools have been established within Gwer East, some are still under construction, and others have been accredited and approved to carry out educational activities.

Progress In Science and Technology

The community has seen progress in the level of scientific development and growth, there are more scientific projects ongoing, mainly carried out by indigenous schools within the local government

One of such is the development of local solar-power far, where electrical gadgets that use solar energy are locally produced and enhanced

More Doctors and Medical Personnel

The Local Government has seen increased growth, a handful of families have qualified medical doctors from accredited medical schools in Nigeria and Abroad

This was not the case in the last decade, you hardly find doctors that are an indigene from the local government, but today, the tide has changed, there are more than 50 professional doctors from  Gwer East

Better Interaction

Gwer East has been able to shape a better environment and society for their children by knowing and respecting rights, laws, and regulations.

Education has helped us to interact with different people from different places in exchange ideas, people, and cultures. You may not really know the potential of another but due to close interaction, you may discover life-changing and the influential contribution he/she has impacted either positively or negatively

Education in Gwer East

Education in Gwer East

Political Awareness

Education has ranked Gwer East community top in the front line of political activities due to the prominent, literate, and high-profiled personalities it has produced. Each veining for a political position either at local, state or even at the federal level.

Most political positions in the state are held by Gwer East indigenes, due to their educational influence.  A major contender in the 2023 gubernatorial election is from Gwer East

More so, Gwer East is now known for vast political engagements and contributes to the art of Nation-building, all with the help of education.

Reduced Communal Dispute

Gwer East community initially witness severe disputes over land and resources with neighboring communities, but over time due to the educational privileges granted to their children, they have come to enlighten them by using dialogue to settle disagreements within them.

Education is being used as a weapon in form of dialogue, to mitigate this ugly trend. If not for education you can imagine the destructive nature of this community, they would have been bloodbaths occasionally

Brothers against brothers proving to be superior over another, fighting to settle their differences over minor issues.

Job opportunities

The impact of education has made available job opportunities for residents of Gwer East, who have certificates to tender for employment. Others have been employed as teachers, civil servants, and military officers to serve the country, and a majority are self-employed with entrepreneurial skills.

Education has gone a long way to improve their standard of living in the community, to be able to earn with these jobs and cater for themselves and their families as well.

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